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Aude' Kimbrew, LCSWA


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate in the state of North Carolina. I am a dedicated and compassionate psychotherapist with a profound commitment to supporting individuals on their healing and personal growth journey. I received my master's from Walden University in 2021, specializing in Advance Clinical Practice.I previously worked with the South Carolina Department of Social Services, which initiated my passion to continue working with individuals, children, and families, which I have done for the past several years.

I am committed to helping clients navigate life's challenges, manage stress, overcome trauma, and find healthier ways to cope with emotions. I specialize in the areas of anxiety, emotional regulation, depression, trauma, and adjusting to life transitions. I strive to honor everyone's journey by providing a nonjudgmental, supportive, and safe environment. My approach to treatment is empathetic and collaborative. Strengths-Based, Solutions-Focused, Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, modalities I utilize when working with clients.

I am passionate about about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. I strive to educate, advocate, and create a stigma-free environment where individuals can seek help without fear or shame.

Office Location: Monroe


Masters of Social Work
Walden University, 2021

Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice
Benedict College, 2016

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