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Feeling anxious, depressed, lost, or alone, therapy can help you move forward.


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Learn About Our Professional Therapy

Thrive came into existence in 2015 after recognizing a need for mental health support in the Union Country area. Starting as a solo practice, we quickly grew into a 3 location group practice. The founder’s mission and our continued mission is to service the community by being present. We want to support you and your families in a respectful, caring, and professional manner. As you enter our therapeutic home you will find a safe and comfortable place for you to share your difficulties as well as celebrate your successes.

We care about you, your family, and your community!

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Are you ready for a change?

Healing is a process that takes time.  This is best done in a safe place that is filled with trust, care, and concern.  Every person has a story and the story has been created based on life experiences.  It may involve hurt, pain or sorrow.  Each chapter needs to be dealt with individually to enable us to move forward.  At times, something is too painful so we choose to avoid the healing that must take place to move onto the next chapter. We then remain stagnant, and personal growth is delayed.  We create wounds that we carry throughout our story. You can't rewrite the beginning of your book, but you can determine how it ends.  Let us help you build the strength and courage to finish your story how you see it.


Our Clinical Expertise

Here at Thrive Counseling, we serve children, adults, and families. We understand that therapy looks different for everyone which is why we offer individual, group, music, play, and virtual therapy.


Anger Management

Abuse and Neglect



Gender Identity

Mood Disorders

Impulse Control



Oppositional Defiance

Substance Abuse

Anxiety and Fears

Grief and Loss

Poor Self-Esteem

Relationship Difficulties


Eating Disorder


Client Testimonials

I can’t thank you enough for all the help and encouragement you have given my daughter.  She is becoming more confident and truly believing in herself and her abilities each day.  I am just amazed at how far she has come in a short period of time. Thank You!!

Mother of 17 Year Old Client

Marvin, NC

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