Theresa McCormick-Dunlap

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My name is Theresa and I can help you realize your potential.

Many today feel dis-empowered and overwhelmed by their own lives. Some seem to 'have it all together' while you struggle with the basics. You may feel stymied by your past mistakes or even your upbringing. Often families and couples lose their connection and have difficulty finding their way back to each other. There is a way to make sense of it all and emerge stronger and centered, both as an individual and a unit.

My multicultural approach to healing and self actualization integrates family systems and motivational interviewing along with many other components. This approach coupled with significant life experience inform my counseling and enables me to help with a wide range of issues. I specialize in working with those going through midlife revelations and those struggling with their faith or belief system.

Behind every challenge is the potential for growth. I will help you sift through the issues clogging up your productivity and creativity. It is my belief we are equipped with what we need to live full, rich, lives. With patience and perseverance many things can be accomplished. For those ready for change this is indeed an exciting time to be alive!


Master of Social Work, Johnson C. Smith University, 2017

Bachelors of Social Work, Johnson C. Smith University 2016