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Kim Miller

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate specializing in women and children, domestic violence, family, trauma, grief and adoption issues. Although I use many therapy approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, I know that there is no standard solution for every person. There is not one answer that fits everyone. We are all different, shaped by our relationships and experiences. Many times in life we get stuck and are not sure where to turn. We misplace hope and life gets out of focus. In these times we need support and encouragement to help us realign our lives and discover what we desperately need to find fulfillment and success; personally, relationally, spiritually, and physically.

My passion is to see clients overcome obstacles that have kept them from living their best life. I believe that the therapy journey is one in where both the therapist and the client work to discover a better sense of self. I believe that healing and wholeness is possible and that there is always hope even in the most broken places.

Office Location: Monroe


Master of Social Work
University of North Carolina - Charlotte, 2019

Bachelor of Social Work
University of North Carolina - Charlotte, 2016

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